Monika Kubinská (*1966) & Bohuš Kubinský (*1966)

Monika and Bohuš Kubinskí, who belong to the middle generation of visual artists, have been an active part of the Slovak art scene from the early1990s. Since their early school artwork projects they have been cooperating on many grand site-specific installations using mainly non-traditional media and multimedia. Monumental projects like Story (Trnava, 1997), Hall (Šamorín, 1999), První linie (the Front Line, Prague, 2014) and Level (Košice, 2016) reflect their personal views on the impersonal, universally accepted ethical frameworks via the use of a suggestive and emotional perception of an artwork. They often respond to the context of various spaces, they enter them and emphasise their authentic poetry. Along with their cooperative projects, they also work individually – Monika Kubinská, a painter using conventional media to express her sensitive contemplations in her many autobiographic artworks, and Bohuš Kubinský, as a sculptor in its elemental understanding of the profession who focuses on the craftsmanship of traditional sculpting materials (marble, granite and bronze). They were awarded a scholarship by the Jackson Pollock Foundation in New York in 1997.

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Fero Király (*1979)

The art work by Fero Király explores digital technology and its influence on musical creativity and practice. He develops new software and plays concerts. Király is also involved in music projects which converge with performance, sound-art, installation and interpretation of current music. Apart from that, he prepares educational events on music and music composition – he has designed a musical instrument called the Zvukodrom and recorded the Botanical Garden music album which contains experimental music and sound games for children. In addition, Fero Király is a cofounder and an art director of Cluster ensemble, which received high recognition for the Cluster ensemble Plays Philip Glass album in 2016. He has performed at many festivals and conferences, for instance the Fringe Festival Santa Cruz, Konvergencie, Expozice Nove Hudby and the Kraa festival. He has also participated in artists-in-residence projects in Latvia, the USA and Poland.

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Omar Mirza (*1981)

Curator and art critic based in Bratislava. Studied art history at the University of Vienna. Since 2006 he works as a curator in the Nitra Gallery in Nitra, Slovakia. He has curated more than 50 solo and collective exhibitions of contemporary artists in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia. Since 2011 a member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics). He writes critiques and articles for various newspapers and magazines. In the years 2011–2012 he was the co-founder and director of the Faica Gallery in Bratislava – a gallery of the Slovak section of AICA. He is also active in the popularization of contemporary arts and culture. He created, directed and presented two online TV shows (one ran for 6 years – 190 episodes, the other had 10 episodes). Since 2014 he hosts a weekly talk show on national radio. In spare time he plays drums in the punk band Kotúče DM.